"Ruhrgebiet"-power from Schwerte

We started out as the "B2B partner" in terms of care products and tools for companies: after the first full financial year 2021, in which we positioned ourselves in the market, convinced a number of companies and many expanded their range with our products, we decided we will also open up to the end customer market in 2022 eco:fy®. More and more inquiries, e-mails and calls have shown us: you, the end customer, also want to order directly from us!

Since February 2022 we have been able to steadily expand our end customer base and are happy about many regular customers, but also about every new face that can be convinced of our products. 😊

With a lot of passion, the personal and funny "touch" and functioning products, we, the ambitious "Ruhrpott'ler" , would like to win your heart now. 💚


Be part of the "eco:fication". 🌱

In short: that's what we stand for!

  • Happy family

    "No one answers, I have so many questions, why am I being left alone?" Not with us! We'll answer the phone or help you by email. We want you to be part of the eco:fy family and we want you to feel comfortable with us!

  • Added value for companies

    Companies get the all-in package from us: Does your company want to expand its portfolio with our products? Then we offer you, for example, the label design from our own design department, the creation of safety data sheets, support in sales and a ready-to-sell product in your warehouse in the shortest possible time!

  • "eco:fication"

    Derived from our brand name eco:fy®, we would like to start the "eco:fication", i.e. the "ecofication" of everyday life together with you. Products for which you never thought about how harmful they can actually be: That's where we attack!

  • Product power

    Sustainability is important, but so is functionality! With each of our products, we pay attention to a healthy balance between ecological and functional aspects.

  • Fancy some goose bumps?

    Get to know our mission better and take a look at our short image video.